Simon Cretney

Having been a devoted listener to music all my life, my tastes have been all over the road but very heavily rooted in the hard rock scene, thanks very much to the influence from my late dad.

My earliest memories being those of Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd when we would share the costs of any new albums breaking the grounds and then spend hours in front of the Sansui being very careful with the turntable needle and having the speakers thundering out at full volume - great times indeed.

Metal has come a long way from the start of my listening in the 80's with Iron Maiden, KISS, Dio, etc. and has evolved into a load of different sub-genres that it now caters for virtually any taste.

My show is devoted to the exploration of new metal (I steer away from the classics unless requested), and the show is all about taking the listener on a journey through different sounds.


If you are into hearing heavy riffs, vocal growling, thundering drums and over-layed guitar work that will make you wish you could play, then you're tuned in to

THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH where nothing is taboo and ear bleeds are the norm.


Wednesdays 7pm to 10pm

Sundays Midday to 3pm