About Shayne Leith

A short History

"Step into the groove with Shayne, a maestro of melodies spanning generations and genres! With a musical journey influenced by ADD, ADHD, DDT... you name it, he's got it, and he'll whisk you away on a sonic adventure like no other. For over 54 years (since only your folks can recall when!), Shayne has spun tunes and owned clubs with finesse and flair. His secret? A knack for tuning into his audience's vibe and hitting the musical sweet spot every time.

Join the revival of MusicWe4got2Remember" by The Original Wrinkle Rocker, where blues, underground rock, and alternative gems from the late 60s to 90s collide in electrifying harmony. ADHD might not be contagious, but Shayne's music surely is! Tune in EVERY SATURDAY 7pm – 10pm to catch The Wrinkle Rocker's triumphant return, exclusively on Rebel Rock Radio at rrr.cat. Don't miss out on the magic!



MusicWe4Got2Remember - Saturday 19:00 - 22:00.