About Kai von Pannier

A short History

From playing in bands to music producer, to tour manager, to artist manager and promoter. Kai (aka The Grand Polar) has pretty much seen it all and worked with many international artists (he doesn’t do name-dropping!).Equally Kai’s taste in music crosses over a wide spectrum of genres. His favorite music is progressive rock and new symphonic rock. He is firmly committed to helping young musicians in getting heard.

“The Iceberg 2.0” features symphonic rock, female fronted rock, goth rock actually all rock! Kai will also be featuring and interviewing new artists from around the world who are passionate about keeping the world of real instruments alive. As the show tag says “Powered by Rock” So climb aboard the Iceberg and enjoy the ride!


The Iceberg 2.0

AKA The Grand Polar

Wednesdays 10pm to midnight